The Method

The method applied at Novantuno Studio has the objective to make the individuals aware of themselves and the space in which they are moving.

The execution of the exercises relies on six fundamental principles:



Power House



Fluid movements

Thanks to an improved posture, a more equilibrated fit, an improved muscular tone and a greater elasticity in the joints, training with Pilates helps you to achieve a better body shape. This results needs an optimal compromise between adherence to the technique and ability to adapt it to each individual, such compromise that the instructors of novantuno Studio will do with you every day.

The equipment

The bigs

Universal reformer, cadillac, chair, step barrell, ...

The smalls

Fitball, circles, soft balls, elastic bands, ankle rings, …


Body Adventure Zone

 A machine able to unify aesthetics, posture, prevention and cure in a series of elements that complement each other in a mechanical solution.

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